Your Blueprint to Making Consistent 4-5 Figure Months & Becoming More Confident As A Pro-Photographer



Your Blueprint to Making Consistent 4-5 Figure Months & Becoming More Confident As A Pro-Photographer


In this 12-month group coaching program, you will learn how to find balance AND generate more revenue in a simplified, more strategic way!

You absolutely can.

Create your unique business model and make consistent revenue in your photography business (We're talking high 4-5 figures a month baybee!)

(& avoid being part of the 60% of people who fail within the first 2-3 years of starting a photography business)

All you need is the right advanced strategies, systems, and dedicated support.

Let’s created your strategic individualized business plan & model that will set you up to be a full-time pro- photographer so you can finally hand in your resignation letter.

I want to strategically help you increase your sales in your business so you can start solely focusing on the one thing you love — photography.



You’re doing the most.

You might also already have a demanding 9-5.

You're finding that doing both the business & 9-5 is taxing and unsustainable. 



I  know...

You've tried other coaching programs and masterminds, but never felt like they got to the core of your problems or questions or maybe they didn’t push you much further in business

You’ve resorted to books, YouTube, Google, even workshops and conferences trying to find the support and strategies you need to excel, but nothing has allowed you to hit those $5k+ months (yet). 

You know something is still missing but you don’t know exactly what.

I say this in the most loving way possible...


It's time to stop trying to piece-mill your business together from people who don’t understand the core of your business and what it means to be a successful full-time pro-photographer. 

And, not only that, but to have unwavering support from not only fellow photographers similar to you, but someone who learned from some of the best and most successful entrepreneurs outside of the industry, too.


Hi, I'm Rhea!

I'm so happy you're here!

What I want you to know the MOST is that we are very VERY similar!! If I can build a dream life as a pro-photographer, then you can too! TRUST ME. 

I've been able to expand my business to double markets, moving from DC to Houston in 2018 and still was able to market and attract ideal clients. And in the height of the pandemic, I still was able to have a six figure year, actually grossing my highest net profit in 2021! 

Not only have I been able to grow and run a successful photography business, I also have a special gift of teaching the strategies and tools to others, helping them see massive success as well!

Now, I want to show the next group of pro-photographers how to successfully and strategically create your business. I’m very supportive, uplifting, but will call you out when you’re not living up to what I know you’re capable of (we all need a little tough love sometimes, right?!). 

My promise is, I will be a fighter with and for you, and fully ready to support you as you do the HARD WORK. 

I’ve coached over 60 photographers to build successful businesses teaching foundations and marketing strategies, and I’d love for you to be next.

Ready to do this together?


I want you to know that you can have the business you've always dreamed of, even if right now you're...

Only making inconsistent $1k - $3k months

Uncomfortable selling and promoting your services 

Unsure how to properly allocate your business funds properly (taking profits + paying taxes)

Lost on how to hit the $10k mark and accelerate your business growth past your current point with your full-time workload 

Not even sure what systems and operations mean, and if you do, they’re basically non-existent and you wouldn’t even know where to start 

Clueless on how to formulate a business plan for the next 3-5 years that will set you up for massive growth and recurring 6-figure years. 

A busy mom and/or wife (or dad/husband) seeking true balance as a creative entrepreneur and also someone who wants to enjoy life (and not feel like they are working 24/7)

But first, I need you to know that this Accelerator is going to be different than any other program you've joined.

I truly want you to make more money in your business. I want to uplift you to create healthy boundaries with clients and within your business as a whole. I want to empower you to quit your job and go full-time. I want to create a plan with longevity in mind so you can make consistent $10k months while your operations thrive.

I sincerely want you to succeed in this container. I want you to feel confident, inspired, prepared, and supported by the community because I know how tiring it can be to do business alone without support, and it sucks. 

And I’m going to do everything in my power to make that happen.


I believe your first 5 FIGURE MONTHS is in reach!

Even if you’ve only made $20- $25k this year!



A 12-month accelerator for advanced wedding & portrait photographers who want to make more consistent money in their business and feel more confident as not just a photographer, but as a CEO!


This Accelerator will give you a more advanced understanding of operations, pricing strategies, and how to make more money in your business without the burnout. 

You’ll learn the advanced strategies, systems, and will have the needed support to simplify and streamline your business operations. Plus, you’ll create a personalized business plan that clearly states your offers and strategic pricing clearly, set client tier qualifications, and master financial best practices so you can thrive with your business.

(And if this language sounds confusing right now, you’re in the right place. THIS has been the missing component to your expedited success.)



Rhea's always checking on me, and it showed me that she genuinely cared about my success.

I knew I was gonna get my investment back because Rhea was gonna make sure I got it back! She has your back for sure! My top month so far has been $7,000, and that is already more than the cost of the program.


Before Elevate, I was shooting 20-25 clients a month for $250-$300, burning out, with no vision of where I wanted my business to be. I was going day by day without a true plan.

Now, I'm intentional with booking clients that align with my values, I'm not afraid of saying my pricing and knowing the value I bring to my clients!


I was feel very discombobulated in business, just all over the place but Rhea was able to help me implement structure & systems in my business to support my growth and demand. Since working with Rhea, I have made more than $12k in my business more than I made last year and am blown away by my growth! I really feel more confident and know that It’s only up from here!

We'll review and reconstruct your offers, systems, and workflows, to ultimately generate more revenue in a more simplified and strategic way using...



Elevate Your Vision

Elevate Your Offers

Elevate Your Operations

Welcome to the Elevate Accelerator

Setting you up for success off the bat so you will be able to navigate the course effectively.


CEO Focusing

Ready to properly focus on yourself as the CEO of your business by envisioning the role you want to play in your company? In this module, we’ll cover moving past mindset blocks, the CTFAR model, leveraging the Mindset Model, and more.


Strategic Planning

In order to effectively show up for your business and your clients, you need to identify your business values, purpose, mission, and long and short-term goals — that’s what we focus on here.


Client Qualifying

Before you can elevate your offers, you need to reverse engineer them. In this module, you’ll identify your qualifying tiers for clients, create your ideal clients for each qualifying tier, and identify your ideal clients' major needs.


Offer Creation

Now that you’ve validated your ICAs, you’ll uncover their cost of doing business, develop a value ladder to calculate pricing, outline departments and offers for each qualifying tier, and develop messaging for each of these offers to use in marketing.


Client Experience & Workflow Creation

Now it’s time to get into operations! You will know how to summarize the key client touch points within your process, develop a daily workflow to accomplish all tasks and goals, and audit and implement process improvements and systems to optimize workflows.


Business Finances

It’s time to talk money! This module is a financial deep dive — you will be able to comprehend the Profit First Method, develop bookkeeping systems, manage your money to save for taxes, set aside profits, and save for retirement and long-term goals, so your business is set up to take care of YOU.


Delegating & Hiring

In this last module, you’ll be able to identify your zone of genius, identify all of the tasks being done in your business, determine what to delegate, and identify the best roles to hire for within your business so you can stick to doing what you do best — photographing. 




Here's what it looks like in action


Where do I begin? Running a business has been a journey for me. There were days when I felt confident and others when I just wanted to give in and throw in the towel. Rhea's Elevate program has been such a blessing to me. The road map that Rhea has helped me create will no doubt lead to great results.
During our encounters, I walk away feeling empowered and reenergized. Long story short, she is the


Rhea has been nothing less than an amazing coach! It’s her down to earth personality mixed with her professional knowledge that makes it so easy and pleasant to work with her.

She helped me with my mindset. This was one of the best investments I made in my business. I would do all over again with no question! 


My business was definitely ELEVATED in this program. Rhea got us together and showed us how to really run our business on the back end. From the mindset work, intense modules, networking and sisterhood from the ladies in my cohort, this program is worth it!

I made double my investment back in the first 4 months of the program!

After this program


Create a strategic individualized business plan for how you will operate your business over the next 3-5 years 

Clarify your business model in order to make more money in your business with less burnout

Gain confidence as the CEO of your business and go full-time

Simplify your offer suite and make 6-figures as a pro-photographer

Master strategic messaging to attract your target audience and identify qualifiers for your ideal clients 

we'll do it

This is how

Three 1:1 calls with me with you unlock program milestones plus quarterly 1:1 check-in calls 

7 comprehensive modules walking you through the 3-part system

Community for accountability and support between students outside of coaching calls

Guest expert trainings to share their expertise on topics related to growing a business & the photography industry

Weekly group coaching calls for 12 months to ask questions and get coaching support 

and access an

added bonus call!


Get ready for an IRL 2-day immersion!

That's not all!

We’ll get together for 2-days for a LIVE Co-Work Retreat Mastermind!*

Together, we’ll go through your individualized plan together and you’ll be able to connect with your mastermind sisters in person! 

Location & dates TDB so we can try to best accommodate everyone’s schedules!

*Travel costs not included in Mastermind price

Get ready for an IRL 2-day immersion!

That's not all!

We’ll get together for 2-days for a LIVE Co-Work Retreat Mastermind!*

Together, we’ll go through your individualized plan together and you’ll be able to connect with your mastermind sisters in person! 

Location & dates TDB so we can try to best accommodate everyone’s schedules!

*Travel costs not included in Mastermind price

This Program Is Built With

and integrity

At The Forefront

This program is specifically created for the advanced photographer who already has a demanding business but knows that the pace they are currently going isn't sustainable nor are they reaching their goals, both tangible & intangible, in the ways that they could. 

I want to help other pro-photographers to replace their 9-5 income with their business and still find time to have balance in their personal lives. I want to cultivate the next round of wildly successful wedding & portrait photographers, specifically black women, in their feat to do business the right way. 

That means, with care, integrity, high impact, and high-value imagery that honors legacy.


Sounds like something you want to be part of?

I'd LOVE for you to apply if you:

Are a pro-photographer that has a demanding photography business already

Made at least $20-$25k in your business in the last 2 years

Need strategies, support, and accountability to go in a bigger direction in business and charge more 

Want to build a business with care, integrity, and high impact


You could continue to try to do it

on your own

but why?


You might tell yourself you can’t afford to join another program, but this isn’t just “another program.” This program was created with integrity in mind and the understanding that you have a lot happening in your life — and the care to see you through it all. 

When you show up and do the work, you will absolutely make your money back!! Actually more than likely even before the program ends in 12 months!

Truth be told, this will change how you do business for the next 3-5 years. It’ll give you the confidence and know-how to go full-time and the steps to make more money in your photography business in a strategic way.

It’s all laid out clearly here for you and I’m here to see it through, you just need to commit to doing the work.

Girl, NO! Your work is individualized and you will be able to submit it for feedback from Rhea. I meet you where you are and the group portion is there to hold you accountable and have you surrounded by the community that you need/desire to do BIG things. 

Will I have to dumb down where I am in order to meet the groups’ needs?

This is for any advanced photographers that have a demanding photography business already, they've made at least $20-25k in their photography business in the last 2 years and need strategies, support, and accountability to go in a bigger direction in business and to charge more.

Is this for me? I’m a ___ photographer? 

YES! There is a whole module on selling and how to convey your value, solutions, and process to your target audience.

Will I learn more about selling?

Weekly Coaching Calls, Guest Experts Community, Private Podcast Feed (PIF Bonus),  Messaging & Marketing Lab (Bonus Call),  1:1 Calls 

Can you remind me again what is included in this accelerator program?

This Accelerator is 12 months with the option to extend if you want additional support when you go full-time in your photography business!

How long does it last?

Yes, but only for those that qualify to be a part of the program. 

Is the Accelerator a group program?


Gaining major confidence in yourself when it comes to selling your services so those $5k-$10k months are now at your fingertips.

Finding better balance and spending more of your time doing the work that lights you up most.

Knowing how to properly allocate your business funds (and ensure you get paid first) and managing profits.

Hiring help within your business and building a supportive community of women who want to see you win.


So, are you ready to become a real CEO and increase your sales?

This can be your reality.

All you need to do is fill out the application below.

Apply Now!